Biggie Gold Crown Sweater

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Shall we give you a run down on the crown jewels? The notorious crown worn by - ahem, super fitting - Notorious B.I.G. that gained immense popularity from a single portrait was made of plastic and originally bought for six bucks. Kind of a let down? Not really - signed by B.I.G. and adorned with plastic gemstones, this crown was auctioned off in 2020 for $594,750. Fancy that! Known for almost single handedly reinventing East Coast rap with an effortless flow on the mic, Biggie Smalls rose to one of the greatest in music history. With his lyrics often telling the tale of his own life - hardship and criminality, debauchery and celebration - we leave you with an authentic portrait of the renowned rapper paying tribute to his last photoshoot just three days before his death. Accented in gold glitter and designed on a french terry raglan crew that’s fitted, yet breathable.

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